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I ended up finishing this with what I think is the easier of the two, a Led Zeppelin cover band. We’ve had 15 shows so far, and after this Saturday, we will have had 18 in the 6 months we’ve been playing together. I, of course, play the part of Jimmy Page, and we’re bringing in more production value each show. I’ve got the double neck for The Song Remains the Same, The Rain Song, and Stairway. I’ve got a bow for Dazed and Confused. It’s a total pain, but we definitely want to bring the theremin in for Whole Lotta Love at some point. Anyway, while I love Led Zeppelin, I’ve still got a lot to go if you look at the rest of my lifelist. I’ve learned the entire ballboy catalog too, but there are 12 other bands on my lifelist that I haven’t finished (though I’ve made a huge dent in some of them), and, if I keep going the route I’m going, there are at least 6 other cover bands I could be in.
May want to remove Muse from that list now considering how terrible I think their new album is. May just add The Beatles since I’ve become a bit more than in love in the past few years. Hmmmmm



  1. YES! Add The Beatles!!! 😀

  2. The problem with that is that is that they have 338 songs. Of course, many of them are fairly easy… At least compared to, say, the 186 ridiculously difficult songs of Queen, the 61 of Jimi Hendrix (which easily turn into a good 200 when you consider all the variations), and the billion songs of Paul Gilbert (good thing some of them overlap with Led Zeppelin and The Beatles). These numbers are according to the “List of songs recorded by ___” on Wikipedia, by the way. Yeah, I think I’ll replace Muse with the Beatles and say no cover band for The Beatles. I’d love to just know all of them.

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