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So at some point, I decided this would be fun to get good at. I’ve accumulated a bunch of stuffed animals for Julia. At one point, in the course of about 6 or 7 dollars I spent over a month, I got 7 stuffed animals.
That said, I’ve been on a terrible losing streak lately, but I still contend that this is a game of skill and I’m good at this. I think I’ve just been too damn cocky about it that I’m willing to put in too much money into every machine I walk by. I’m no longer careful now that I’ve achieved the goal I wanted to go after (a bunch of stuffed animals out of a small amount of money). Not sure what’s next in the saga or if it will go back and forth between careful and daring. Not sure if it’s about knowing when to hold them and fold them, but man, every single time I walk past a machine, whether the odds look good or bad, I want to put money in, and I find myself wanting to go to stores and places that have machines versus ones that don’t. That’s where I am now.


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  1. You should post the picture of your most recent claw machine victory…and maybe the shelf of stuffed animals in our room. Also, you should post more stuff so I can read it and leave cool comments. 😉

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