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I wanted to make sure, since this has been on my lifelist for a while and, as my memory recalls, possibly incorrectly, I’ve missed a few eclipses in my region for stupid reasons, that this wasn’t just something mundane. I didn’t want to just stay at home to see part of the eclipse and do the stupid cardboard pinhole box bullshit.
So we drove up to Sedona, some friends and I! It was a fun day trip. We went up to the Lowell Observatory, looked through a telescope, and looked through some crazy sunglasses at the sun being partially covered. Maybe this was just me being stupid and naive, but I really thought it might affect the actual amount of daylight, but it did not whatsoever! I guess only a total solar eclipse would do that. So that was a bit disappointing. Either way, it was a fun trip, and I’m glad to cross it off the list!


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